Top 10 Hottest None Fiction Books Of 2017

Top 10 Hottest Non-Fiction Books of 2017

It was a year full of crazy political antics, and the top titles reflect the focus of the world during 2017. Find out what was going through Hillary Clinton’s mind while debating with Trump, learn more about the impact of war and climate disasters, plus see a glimpse behind the curtain of people’s private battles. Here’s our pick of the best published books in 2017.

Best Non-fiction Books to Learn More About Life and People


#10 The Vanity Fair Diaries by Tina Brown

The Vanity Fair Diaries

With a bit of an autobiography flair, Tina shares stories about her experience as editor of a world famous glamour magazine. She recalls what it was like being a journalist in the glitzy 80’s, rubbing shoulders with all the who’s who in New York City. Her journey started with a conversation with Si Newhouse, the owner of Conde Nast, in 1983. She secured a job at Vanity Fair, kicking off her exciting career. Later she moved over to The New Yorker, steering the editorial direction of yet another influential publication.

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#9 The Evangelicals by Frances Fitzgerald

The Evangelicals

Religious and political views have been intertwined for centuries. Currently the continued support for Roy Moore baffles many observers. If you are fascinated with the journey evangelicalism has taken over the years, including its collision with politics, this book will shed some light on the behind the scenes intricacies of the religious movement. Frances explores the relationship between the Christian right and Republican Party, which has been developing for a few decades now. The two have become so meshed, it is hard to tell where the one ends and the other starts.

#8 The Meaning of Michelle by Veronica Chambers

The Meaning of Michelle 2

The anthology was published a few days before the Obamas departed from the White House. Veronica, an author and journalist, edited the poignant essays. Even with the seemingly delay in publication, this book is still very relevant. Contributors include Ava DuVernay, Roxane Gay, Hamilton star Philippa Soo, New York’s First Lady Chirlane McCray and more. The famous first lady’s life is explored in detail. From her marriage, to the big cultural impact of being the first African-American First Lady.

#7 Blind Spot by Teju Cole

Blind Spot

Teju combines two of his passions in this beautifully designed book. His photography and writing entwine to create a delightful book of poetry. You will want to keep the gorgeous cloth-bound book close at hand for inspiration, long after you’ve finished reading it.

#6 Hunger by Roxane Gay

Hunger- A Memoir of (My) Body

How does it feel to live in an oversize body? What kind of issues do you have to deal with, personally and publicly? This brutally honest book tells the story of Roxane’s life, from a horrifying moment that would forever change her life, to the moments years later that forced her to deal with the trauma. As a 12-year-old girl she was gang raped, with the incident causing ripple effects that would haunt her for years to come. She shares her experiences with body image and weight issues. Currently she is one of the most famous feminists.

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#5 The Rules Do Not Apply by Ariel Levy

The Rules Do Not Apply

It all started with a personal essay, written in 2013. “Thanksgiving in Mongolia”, was published in The New Yorker and Ariel won the National Magazine Award for the popular essay. Years later she expanded the essay and created an engaging memoir. It confronts many truths that women deal with on a daily basis. The conundrum of control and choice is tackled. Women are demanding to be heard, acknowledged. But sometimes it still feels as if the universe does not care about the demands.

#4 Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari

Homo Deus- A Brief History Of Tomorrow

Yuval, an Israeli historian, grapples with big issues in this thought-provoking book. He attempts to answer the question “What is next for humankind?” Diving into humanitarian and ethics philosophies, he explores this complex pondering. Yuval is recognized by forward-thinkers like Bill Gates, who regularly recommend his books to other openminded readers.

#3 Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann

Killers of the Flower Moon- The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI

Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. After reading this book, you will feel indignant about how it ends. As if an injustice had not been properly avenged. But this is no story – it’s American history. David retells the mysterious systemic killings of the Osage tribe of Oklahoma. They became wealthy from oil holdings in the Midwest. But this wealth put a target on their heads, slowly prominent members of the tribe were murdered one by one.

#2 We Were Eight Years in Power by Ta-Nehisi Coates

We Were Eight Years in Power- An American Tragedy

Ta-Nehisi created a collection of columns for The Atlantic, and in this book,  he explores the themes dealt with in these pieces in more detail. Eight pieces of writing during the Obama presidency, are re-examined from the viewpoint of living under the current Trump presidency. The fresh material added is both historical and personal.

#1 What Happened by Hillary Clinton

What Happened - Hillary Clinton

She was part of one of the most controversial, unpredictable presidential elections in history. And more than half of America (and the rest of the world) was wondering what went on in her head on the 9th of November 2016. The book is written in an open and honest way, answering the question that was on everyone’s lips that day. It’s reflective and truly a piece of modern history. She became the first woman nominated for president by a major party. The election was rife with sexism, rage, and plenty of unexpected twists. Find out what it was like to compete against an opponent who adamantly broke all the rules.

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