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Our Top 5 Steps To Ensure Your Employees Are Being Productive While Working From Home

Working from home is what many people need to do in this day and age. Since the coronavirus has caused a lot of shutdowns, working from home has become the norm rather than the unusual. Employees can be very productive when the right environment and tools are created. Since they can concentrate on their work in multiple ways than when they are in an office, it is something that many companies and businesses are doing more and more of. They can also save money on the space that they need to provide for the workers when they are working from home. A company or business wants to make sure that the employee can and will get their work done on a regular basis and in an efficient manner.

In order for companies and businesses to make sure that their employees are working from home productively there are certain things that they can do. Here are some tools that can help employees and teams be more productive:

  1. Slack

It’s important to have a communication system that is easy with an employee that is working from home. They need to be able to connect with the rest of the business and their team while working. Slack is a fantastic tool that lets multiple teams communicate internally and externally trough channels and private chats. You can learn more about Slack here.

  1. Zoom Or Video Conferencing

Lots of work can be accomplished with the use of zoom or video conferencing. This will allow the employee to do presentations and to have discussions with various members of their company when they are further away. This helps employees to deal with the isolation that can occur with working from home. They can feel as if they are right there speaking with someone when they use Zoom or video conferencing. It is a great way to stay connected while working remotely and can give that one on one feeling and build connection between employees and staff.

Google Drive Logo
  1. Google Drive or Dropbox

In order to manage the storage, employees can use either Google Drive or Dropbox. They are able to put their information safety into both of these so that they can find it easily when they are working. Simple instructions for both of their use make these items very popular for workers that are producing their projects from home. They can set up all kinds of personal ways that they can streamline their work to make it easy and so that it goes more smoothly on a regular basis. For people that are interested in keeping good records, they can utilize this in a very profound way.

You can also work on a document from multiple locations and in multiple versions to assist in team projects.

Under the new normal of working from home it is essential that you have all of your documents online and digitized. For certain businesses this can mean hundreds of pages that need to be scanned and digitised. This can be an arduous task. Inotec high volume document scanners are an amazing way to digitise large amounts of documents in a short amount of time. They have the ability to scan more than 300 pages per minute.

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  1. Project Management

For project management software like Asana, Trello, or works well. This will give an employee the ability to understand the next steps of the projects that they are working on and what their responsibilities are. It gives them a great handle on all the different aspects of their job and they are more than apt to do well when they use it.

  1. Effective Leadership

Having a good leader is definitely important when workers are conducting their daily work from home. A leader should be picked that is motivational and can help the worker to get through any difficulties that they might be having. They need to have great communication skills and be able to address issues in a positive and informative way. Conducting business over the phone, emails, and videos may seem impersonal so it’s important that a leader understands this. They want to always allow the worker to express the issues at hand so that they can be fixed right away. It makes them feel a lot better about completing their work on their own from home.

For workers that are making it every day while being in their homes, they will also need to make sure that they look good while they are working. This makes a difference for many people when they are wearing the clothing that pertains to work. They should also make sure that their work area is safe and comfortable. They might need to move things around until they find a good setup that will allow them to happy and productive when they are working for home. By doing these things, they can make sure that they are doing the best job possible for their employer.

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