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Nhlayisa Nutrition Solutions – Addressing Nutritional Deficiences

Just like everywhere in the world, the people of South Africa are keen to ensure their food is nutritious. They want food that has the potential to aid their physical well being, as well as boost their mental health. Nhlayisa Nutrition Solutions is all about fulfilling that exact need. Let’s take a look at a few of the main elements of this passionate endeavor.

What Exactly Is Nhlayisa Nutrition Solutions?

Set up in 2007, Nhlayisa Nutrition Solutions has one main and clear passion; deliver on excellent nutrition that will benefit both physical and mental health for the people of South Africa. Their goal is to find a solution for the nutritional deficiencies seen within the locality.

What Type Of Nutrition Do Nhlayisa Nutrition Solutions Provide?

Ultimately, for a product to benefit a community, it must provide the right balance of nutrition, focusing on nutrition which is particularly lacking within the locality. That is why research was carried out within the rural communities of South Africa. The research showed that there were several elements of nutritional deficiency, in fact these were marked as being severe deficiencies.

It was as a result of this research that Nhlayisa Nutrition Solutions created a signature product, Nhlayisa Power Supply, designed to nutritionally benefit millions of people.

What Is The Passion Behind Nhlayisa Nutrition Solutions?

Alex and James Hendry were the ones responsible for conducting the investigation on nutrition. It was during this investigation, while visiting hundreds of clinics, schools and homes, that they realized one significant fact; the children and people of the area had huge potential and incredible talents, but these were lying rather dormant. It was this discovery that lay behind the development of Nhlayisa Power Supply.

Where Does Nhlayisa Supply To?

Up until now, Nhlayisa has supplied their nutritious food to outlets such as Spar, Pick ‘n Pay, Mopani Pharmacy, as well as farmers, feeding schemes and mines.

How Does Nhlayisa Nutrition Solutions Use The Profits?

It seems clear that Nhlayisa Nutrition Solutions is certainly all about helping people. That is why it is hardly surprising to learn that 50% of the profits are used to grow the distribution, further improve the products and create new connections and alliances.

How Are The Products Manufactured?

It again comes as little surprise to know that the product created by Nhlayisa Nutrition Solutions are manufactured to the highest level of health and safety as set out in the health and safety standards in South Africa. The facility used for manufacturing has a FSSC certificate in Food Safety Management.

What Are The Products Of Nhlayisa Nutrition Solutions?

The products produced are for bulk feeding and for the retail market. Below are a few examples.

Yabhusta Instant Maheu Mageu

Fortified Instant Porridge – Power Supply

Yabhusta is an instant porridge that is fortified with vitamins and minerals to give some one everything need in their day to day activities. Prepared with either milk or water and taken as a meal or simply as a drink, Power Supply is soy, sorghum and maize based. The product has been designed to cater for the specific nutritional deficiencies within the local diet. Hence the vitamin and mineral content is tailored for the needs of the people.

Yabhusta Instant Maheu Mageu

Instant Mageu: Yabhusta Mageu

This instant fermented maize based drink is the product of many years of research into the development of something exciting and highly nutritious.

Can Nhlayisa Nutrition Solutions Provide A Way To Care For Your Staff?

Absolutely! Nhlayisa Power Supply provides an excellent food choice for your staff. In fact, your staff can hope to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improved breakdown of carbs, protein and fat due to the B Vitamins.
  • Healthy functioning of the nerves, muscles and heart due to Vitamin B1 and B2.
  • A strong anti-oxidant due to Vitamin C.
  • Immune system response improvement due to Vitamin D.
  • A healthier nervous system.
  • Increased energy production.

Is it clear that Nhlayisa Nutrition Solutions certainly does have the answer to providing better care for your staff? It would certainly seem so! In fact, as well as the above specific benefits, Nhlayisa Power Supply also boasts a lower carbohydrate and added total sugar content than much of the competition. In addition, it contains around 33% less fat than other similar products.

How Does Nhlayisa Power Supply Deliver On Taste?

Perhaps it is easier to let the facts speak for themselves. A blind test carried out using Nhlayisa Power Supply along with all of the competition, showed that Power Supply was the preferred taste.

Indeed, Nhlayisa Nutrition Solutions is clearly passionate about what they do. Motivated by the need to awaken the talents and potential of the people of South Africa and the necessity to address nutritional deficiencies within the locality, Nhlayisa Power Supply comes with an abundance of advantages. In fact, it could be said that this is a product that is passionate about delivering on quality and promoting exceptional physical and mental well being.

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