How Did Google First Come To Be?

Today Google is one of the most known names in the world, however, it wasn’t always that way. In fact, not even 20 years ago Google wasn’t even a thought. However, most people don’t know how Google got started, how it can inspire them to reach for their own dreams, and how Google has managed to stay on top for so long. The real story is truly amazing and shows that sometimes a good idea is all that you need.

While attending University at Stanford University, two students had an idea to make a search engine that would connect the world. They started it as a research project, to see if they could improve upon existing search engines. They felt that if they could invent a better algorithm that they could produce better search results. However, the project was only supposed to be on a small scale, used to demonstrate their ideas.

Once they saw that they were right, they began to work on it more and more over time. They specifically created their algorithm to collect more information, even when they weren’t online, and to keep learning from itself. This meant that within a few months of its creation, Google was actually out pacing the other search engines that had been in business for years. It was delivering better results, finding results faster, and actually being able to sort results by relevance, rather than displaying them in the order that they were submitted.

Like many tech start-ups, once it moved from the servers of the school that it was developed within, it was hosted and work on in a garage. This brings it in line with companies like Microsoft and Apple, both of which enjoyed inventive periods in garages that did not belong to the founders.

After the engine had begun to perform well under stress, it was time to take it wide. However, to do this they needed investors, and they needed more bandwidth than they currently had. Thankfully, they found support among many of the elite within silicon valley, with companies seeing the possibilities that this search engine could offer to their companies. It took a little under a year to get enough funding and enough shareholders to truly open the Google that we know and love today.

They slowly started hiring employees, bringing them on board with their algorithm and benefiting from the ideas of many different people in relation to the search engine. This is also when they began to realize that Google could branch out and use the information that they had collected to create new and better solutions to other software that was already in use.

Over the next 10 years, the company began to offer e-mail services, messaging, information for advertisements that paid more than anyone else, and search results that could not be beaten. Their slow ascent to kings of the internet was not complete until the beginning of the 2000s, but their name was quickly becoming a household name.

Over time they shifted their focus to improving other technologies such as maps, communication, spreadsheets, and more. Their entire company has been focused around the idea of taking something that people already use and making it better. Creating solutions that keep the most relevant information in the hands of everyone who works in a given industry and opening up products to people who would otherwise not be able to access them.

Google started from a small idea, to improve upon something that already existed. They have kept true to their ideals, and this idea is one that can help others succeed as well.

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