8 Things You Did Not Know About Apple

If you are a fan of Apple products, you probably believe that you know everything there is to know about the company. Chances are, you know far less than you think. Here are eight random facts that most people do not know about the technology giant.

1. The screen that is on the iPad device is not made by Apple at all. This was actually created by Samsung. This means that they pay a company to help them create a product that they are in direct competition with.

2. You can find Apple Stores all over the world, but many of the ones in China are counterfeits. There have been about two dozen stores that were closed down for being frauds. While many employees are aware that the store is not genuine, there are some who actually believe they work for Apple Inc.

3. Smoking near your computer can void the warranty. If you bring in your unit to get repaired by someone at an Apple Store, there is a huge chance that service may be refused. The company also voids warranties when the unit is clearly showing smoke damage and/or residue.

4. Their first laptop was invented in 1989. This was much earlier than many people believe. Not only did it weigh in at more than 16 pounds, but you could not get your hands on one for less than $6,000. This is probably why no one ever heard of them.

Whether you believe it or not, there are people out there who love this system and they have tinkered around with it. Some users have actually found a way to have these devices access the Internet.

5. Everything you say to Siri gets sent to the company, so you should probably think before you speak. The information is analyzed and stored. They have not been clear about why this is stored, but there has been no evidence that this data has been used in a legal case or anything like that.

6. No one is sure about why the logo depicts an apple that has already been bitten. There are a couple of theories out there, but the founders have never offered any explanation for it. The initial logo was a rainbow, which was chosen to point out the fact that the Apple computers that were available early on would display an array of colors.

7. Steve Wozniak is still considered an employee of Apple. While he does not have to report every day like everyone else, he is considered an official employee. He receives more than $100,000 from the company every year. Basically, he gets a great salary without having to clock in and do any work.

8. The original computer offered by the company was priced at $666.66. This may sound a little devilish to some, but there was actually some logic behind this. Apparently, Jobs felt like this price was very easy to type. It was also considered a round number that could be remembered with ease.

These days you can buy some systems for far less than that. On the flip side, there are others that cost more; they offer a wide range of products.

Now that there are so many people out there who use Apple products, you are certainly not in the minority. The best way to make yourself stand apart from all of the people who are out there buying the same products would be for you to have some hidden knowledge. Having all of these facts available can help you do just that.

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